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May 25, 2011

The Barcelona Ceramic Museum is holding an exhibition entitled Terres blaves (Blue Lands) about blue, a primary colour with over 110 shades that, since 2600 BC, has been closely associated with the history of ceramics in the Middle East (Mesopotamia and Egypt).

It was introduced to Chinaduring the 8th century through the Silk Routeand it reached Al-Andalus by sea in the 13th century. Eventually it spread throughout Europe from the Iberian Peninsula. The exhibition introduces the works of contemporary artists who have been fascinated by this colour’s rich range of shades and effects and who have exploited all its possibilities to adapt them to their own artistic languages. Terres blaves is an exhibition in appreciation and recognition of Trinidad Sánchez-Pacheco (1931-2001) for her lifelong dedication to pottery, on the tenth anniversary of her death.

Place: Museu de Ceràmica (Palau de Pedralbes, Av. Diagonal, 686 BCN)       

When: until 17th of October, 2011        

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00h until 18:00h    

Price: 3,50€ – normal, 2€ – reduced, Sundays from 15:00h – free entrance

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