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SENSATION Inner Space 2011

September 30, 2011                Sensation is an indoor dance-event which originated in the Netherlands and is organized by ID&T. The original event, which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam Arena for a period of five years until 2005, is now located throughout Poland, Spain, Austria, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia Brazil, Norway, Ukraine (starting 2011) and United Kingdom (starting 2011). In 2008, it was announced that for the first time Sensation would be held on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne, Australia, as well as in Düsseldorf, Germany and Barcelona, Spain.

This summer, Sensation presents to you ‘Innerspace’ – the world within. They will guide you on a spiritual journey to enlightenment. Innerspace is an adventurous journey through the seven stages of enlightenment. Spirituality can be found on the dance floor: no past, no future, celebrating the now. Sharing a collective consciousness of our own inner beauty, they are presented with a Sensational experience.

Date: 8th of October, 2011       Time: 22:00h          Place: Palau Sant Jordi, Pg. Olimpic, 5-7

Where to buy tickets:,, FNAC (Pl. Catalunya, 4, Diagonal, 3, Diagonal, 555)                                     Prices: 65,30 – 149,80€

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