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November 29, 2011

We would like to remind you that if you want to go to the movies inBarcelonayou have loads of options but be aware of that most of the movies in the city are dubbed into Spanish or Catalan. 

Movies inSpainare generally not shown until 4 or 5pm. and continue showing after midnight. If you want to watch an original version you have to choose a movie that is signed with V.O. 

 There are several cinemas in Barcelona that offer all of the films are in original version:

Cine Verdi (5 screens), C/ Verdi, 43 Web: Tel. 93 238 7990

Cines Verdi Park (4 screenss) C/ Torrijos, 49 Web: Tel: 93 238 7990

Icària Yelmo (15 screens) C/ Salvador Espriu, 61 Web: Tel: 93 221 7585 Sessions start middayand there are late night showing on Friday and Saturday.

Renoir-Les Corts (6 screens) C/ Eugeni d’Ors, 12 Web: Tel: 93 490 5510

Renoir Floridablanca (5 screens) C/ Floridablanca, 135 Web: Tel: 93 426 3337

Cinema Casablanca (2 screens)  Pg. De Gracia, 115 Tel: 93 218 4345

Filmoteca, Av. De sarria, 33 Tel: 93 410 7590 The Filmoteca has an excellent programme showing three or four different Films mostly foreign and usually in V.O.

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