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April 25, 2012


In the fatal early hours of April 15th 1912, the Titanic, the biggest ship ever built by man, sank in the freezing waters of theNorth Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg, claiming the lives of 1495 people. The whole world was stunned when the terrible news was heard.

100 years later, Titanic the Exhibition, comprising nearly 200 original objects from the Titanic and numerous life-size reproductions of the inside rooms, is mooring at the Museo Marítimo de Barcelona.

Moving and suitable for all ages, the exhibition will submerge you in an unforgettable journey to the past by means of which you will get to know what the ephemeral life on board the ill-fated transatlantic was like; from its inception and construction through to the current state of the remains, lying nearly4 kilometresdown on the seabed.

By visiting the eight halls comprising the most visited travelling exhibition in the world, you will get to know the uncountable stories of heroism that took place on board first-hand, like Molly Brown’s story, and the most human side to the tragedy, as never seen before.

 Museo Maritimo de Barcelona

From March 23rd, till September the 30th

Av. Drassanes s/n, Barcelona


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