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April 25, 2012

This event has been postponed.

Spirit of the Dance is a whirlwind of beating music and flying feet performed by talented dancers. They will mesmerize you.

Across the world, the Spirit of the Dance has inspired the individuals to take lessons in Irish Dance. Riverdance inspired by the awesome success and brilliance of the Irish Dance show created the ‘Spirit of the Dance’ so that he can showcase this talent to the whole world. By introducing some dance steps that crosses the cultural barriers and combining them with a wide variety of music styles, the ‘Spirit of the Dance’ leaves the audience breathless. The name fully justifies itself because the show is really filled with “Spirit” and exuberance.

 The cast of young people is full of life and this is what makes the show work. One number follows right on the heels of the next number. ‘Spirit of the Dance’ is a fascinating foot-stomping international production that features the passionate Latino rhythms of the red-hot Salsa, Tango, Flamenco combined with the powerful and enchanting show-stopping Irish Dance.

Where: Teatro Colliseum de Barcelona – Gran Vía, 595

When: 16 to 20 May, 2012 _Postponed


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