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VISIT PAM & LOOK AT THE SKY (Parc Astronomic Montsec)

August 8, 2012



Centre d’Observació de l’Univers is a large, multi-purpose facility which is intended to become an educational benchmark for teaching astronomy and geology in Catalonia. The COU is located in the municipality of Àger. The COU provides a link between the general public and scientific knowledge, giving visitors an insight into the exciting world of science and to discovering the surroundings of Montsec. The centre takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the location’s sky for observing the Universe in a setting that reveals the Earth’s evolution through the geology of the mountain range.

The COU comprises three main buildings:

Central Building:This contains the reception and administration office, the permanent exhibition, the workshop classrooms, the computer classroom and other services.

The Eye of Montsec: This building is unique in Spain and contains both a multimedia digital planetarium and a platform for direct observation of the sky. Its 12-metre diameter dome and front wall are completely retractable, offering visitors a spectacular view of the sky above Montsec.

This area is specifically for observing the sky, both at night and during the day. The Park comprises two buildings with observation domes containing two automated telescopes, a coelostat for solar observation and a set of portable telescopes.


Where: PAM Parc Astronòmic Montsec: Centre d’Observació de l’Univers. Camí de coll d’Ares s/n, 25691 Àger. Contact: Tel. (+34) 973 053 022 / 973 455 246

When: Summer (July 1st to September 11) Monday: 6pm – 2pm, Tuesday to Friday: 11am-2pm and 6pm – 2am) Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 2am

Price: Day Visit: 6,50€ normal, 5,50€ reduced, children under 5 – free, Night Visit: 9€ normal, 7,5€ reduced, children under 5 -free

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