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January 29, 2013

running barcelonaBarcelona has a whole host of spaces to run in. On any given day, and on any of Barcelona’s streets, you’ll find dozens of people dedicating their time to one of the fastest-growing sports getting ever more popular by the year. This is in part due to that fact that it is one of the most accessible physical activities: practically no equipment is required, you simply need good pair of sports shoes, comfortable clothing and lots of motivation.

While it is possible to run anywhere in Barcelona, there are certain areas which runners prefer. From some of the city’s parks, particularly those with sports circuits, to the city’s broad roads, such as Avinguda Diagonal, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Passeig Marítim and Rambla del Poblenou. Between its avenues, ramblas and boulevards, Barcelona is a one long athletics track.

However, there is one particular place in the city which is always full of people engaging in all types of sport, above all amateur runners. We’re talking about the city’s most ‘Olympic’ quarter, Montjuïc, a mountain that had become fully established as one of the city’s most popular spots for amateur running. The Parc Natural de Collserola, a unique space for runners, surrounded by nature and with the very best views of the city, is also popular.

In short, keen runners will find that Barcelona offers a whole range of areas to run and train in. When choosing the most suitable place to run in, keep the following in mind: find a good route, close to your home or place of work, with wide pavements and few slopes, so you can get into a routine and train regularly.

1) MontjuïcCastle Circuit

Route: perimeter of the Castle, Baluard, Museu Militar, Cable Car and Fossars, in the mountain of Montjuïc..

Distance: 1,992 m.circuit montjuic

2) Passeig Marítim Circuit

Route: Pg. Marítim, between the streets Arquitecte Sert and Bac de Roda.

Distance: 1,500 m.

circuit maritim

3) Diagonal – Cervantes Circuit

Route: Av. Diagonal, between pl. Francesc Macia and CervantesPark.

Distance: 3,530 m.

circuit diagonal

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