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March 4, 2013

la burreta“La Burreta” is the procession of Palm Sunday in the old city of Barcelona, a liturgical festivity that begins the cycle of Easter week celebrations in Barcelona and that envision Jesus entry into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Barcelona does not count today with processions too spectacular, nor with regard to the popular participation nor by the number of steps that parade. Formerly, however, this had been a city of processions with their own personality. The districts of Gràcia, Sant Martí and Sant Andreu del Poble Sec, Palomar were quite spectacular, as well as on the threshold with the Collblanc, Hospitalet.

In the centre of the city, one of the most prominent was the procession of the good Death, popularly known as the procession of bones, a spectacular parade of characters who wore items related to death: skulls, dalles, ossaris, Sandy watches … It was begun by monks of St. Augustine in 1700 and traversed, with the spirit of the dance of death in Verges, the streets of the old town of Barcelona. With the reform of the liturgy of the Second Vatican Council nearly all these processions disappeared.

On Palm Sunday, today
In Barcelona, on Palm Sunday has been a day when traditionally the grandparents out for a stroll with their grandchildren and buy la palma or rams which then lead to bless the churches, that day make a special ceremony.

In the old city, celebrates Palm Sunday procession in Barcelona, also known as the Burreta or la Borriquita. This is an implementation very recent procession, which was founded in 2002 by a subsidiary company of Andalusian origin, number 12 de la Macarena of Seville: la Hermandad y Cofradía de Nazarenos de Real y Pontificia Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder y María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena.

The procession leaves from the Church of St. Augustine, in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona and takes a trip through the streets of the city’s Gothic Center and back to the Church of St. Augustine, where takes place the traditional reception of Jesus Christ and blessed of the palms.

The procession, which was led by members of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona on horseback and gala, is made up of a flock of white dresses, children carrying a few panels with drawings of the stations of the way of the cross and the other carrying palms, parish priests and acolytes with the cross and candlesticks, the siblings and the Board of Directors of the fishermen’s Associationwith the rods and the standard of the Organization, and a sèquit of parishioners carrying palms or anonymous classes.

The core of the procession is formed by the passage of Jesus ‘ Entry to Jerusalem, called an image of Jesus Christ sitting on a donkey, with a Palm in one hand and with the other sharing blessings. The animal character of step is the popular name given to the procession. This image of Jesus Christ on the burreta was made in workshops of Sant Antoni Maria Claret. This step there was a side of me was a band that puts the notes that make moving procession.

Meanwhile all morning, a large group of people dancing in front of the Cathedral lesplanada sardana.

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