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March 4, 2013

sara barasSara Baras began her journey to the stages of the world over than twenty years ago. Her beginnings, in Cadiz, her homeland, are part of her history, and that first link in the chain of her career is represented by the education that she received from the teacher who has had the most influence on her professional path, her mother Concha Baras. She has also received instruction from renowned dance instructors such as Ciro, Manolete, El Güito and Dania Gonzalez.
She is reunited with the public of Barcelona by her latest show of flamenco drama called “La Pepa”, held in the emblematic Tivoli theatre. The show brings together all the magic of the choreography of Baras and commemorates the 200th anniversary of the enactment of the Spanish Constitution of 1812. Baras represents in this work the environment of Cadiz during 1810-1812, the horror of the war, the beauty of the land of Andalusia, the historical importance of creating a unique constitution in the world, its influence, the hope, the will to live and the freedom.
After leaving the stage temporarily, Sara Baras returns with a unique show, accompanied by a masterful company of dancers in which highlights the dancer José Serrano, as the guest artist. The musical direction of “La Pepa” is signed by Keko Baldomero. In the words of Sara Baras about Pepa: “They say that “La Pepa” is not just a symbol. They say that “La Pepa” is a feeling, an attitude. A way of feeling, a way of being, a character, a hope… something that is carried inside, something that that sticks with you like glue, something not to take lightly because it is stuck deep in your heart. I pray for those who suffered, for all those who died. And I fight for a free world. They say that our Pepa is the voice of the folk in form of a woman.”
Date: 6th – 31st of March, 2013
Place: Teatre Tivoli (Carrer de Casp, 8,Barcelona) Price: 22 – 48 €
Where to buy tickets:

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