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July 31, 2013

A film, a blanket and a bottle of good wine don’t necessarily mean sitting on a sofa in a living room. In Barcelona they are something you can enjoy outdoors on the lawn at the foot of a castle. For 11 years now, from June to August, Sala Montjuïc has been holding delightful cinema nights, even including live concerts before the showings. With a capacity of 2,000 spectators, Sala Montjuïc is an open-air auditorium that has become a classic of the Barcelona summer. A wide variety of movies may be seen here, including old, new, high-budget and auteur films, all of them well worth seeing. Tickets cost just a little over 5 euros and may be purchased online. Another occasion for seeing a good movie outdoors is Gandules, the CCCB (Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre) cycle, in which the Courtyard of the Ladies becomes an auditorium. Pictures are shown that, despite public and critical acclaim at big film festivals, have not found a place on the commercial circuits. Here the capacity is of about 500 spectators and admission is free, so be sure to arrive early.
sala montjuic
31 July – Monsieur Lazhar: Bechir Lazhar, a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, is hired by a Montreal school to replace a teacher who has died in strange circumstances. In his new job, he begins to employ unusual teaching methods with a class of shaken but endearing kids, changing their lives.
In this blend of comedy and tragedy, infused with poetry and elegance, Monsieur Lazhar’s wisdom and ability go beyond teaching his pupils to awaken the viewer’s conscience.
02 August – Citizen Kane: “Rosebud” is the last word uttered by Kane, a major US magnate, on his death-bed. This enigmatic valediction causes a media frenzy, and a group of journalists begins investigating with a view to solving the mystery.
Orson Wells’ masterpiece, considered one of the greatest films in cinema history.
05 August – Donnie Darko: Donnie is a smart, imaginative young American boy who, having survived almost certain death, begins to have a series of hallucinations that take him into a strange world unlike anything in his wildest dreams.
A fascinating psychodrama that has quickly become a cult film, particularly amongst young spectators.
07 August – Surprise Movie: This year’s surprise movie is… a surprise. Treat yourself to one of the best movies of the history of cinema.

Where: Montjuïc Castle Gardens
When: 30th June – 7th August
Price: Adults: 6,00€ Children under 6: Free Deck-chair rental: 3,00€

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