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December 30, 2013

The 6th of January is one of the most important day in the festive calendar. It is the day when people exchange gifts and enjoys the holidays with family, especially with children. January 5th is the night of the Magi, and in the afternoon the Magi makes a Parade with decorated floats through the main streets of Barcelona. They throw sweets to the crowd, especially to children.reis

  • When: On January 5th Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar will reach Moll de Fusta at 17h aboard the schooner Santa Eulalia and the magical parade will began at 18h30 until 21h30.
  • Where: At 18h30 will start the Ride of the Magi (Cabalgata) in Marquès de l’Argentera Avenue, whose route passes through the Via Laietana (19h15), the Urquinqona square and the Fontanella Street (19h35). Then it will continue to Plaza Catalunya and Pelayo Street (19h45), the University Square (20h00). Finally, it will go down Sepulveda Street up to Urgell (20h30) and Parallel Avenue (20h45). It will reach Espana Square and Avenida Rius and Taulet at 21h00.
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