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January 29, 2014

Take the kids up the Columbus monument to a height of 60m and enjoy panoramic views of the city of Barcelona.  Look over the marina of Port Vell, along the city’s beaches, Barcelona’s famous landmarks and the ever-popular Ramblas.


At the bottom of the Rambla, the Mirador de Colón monument makes a popular meeting point in Barcelona as well as offering a the traditional photo opportunity of someone pointing in the vague direction of the New World.  Under the vigilance of giant stone lions, the statue was built in 1888 in dedication to Christopher Columbus who ended his first voyage to the Americas in Barcelona.  To the North you can see the Gothic Quarter, the historic bell towers of the Cathedral, the church of Santa Maria del Mar and the Rambla.  Southwards lays the hill of Montjuïc with its gardens, Olympic Stadium and Castle. To the East you will find the city’s coastline stretching all the way to the modern Forum district and to the West lies the CollserolaNational Park.

Place: Pl. Portal de la Pau s/n (bottom of Las Ramblas), Tel. 93 285 38 32
Open: Daily 8.30am to 8.30pm                    Price: Adult €4.00; Child €3.00

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