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May 23, 2014

Dear all,


One of our expatriates have two bunnies to adopt – here is their add:


We have two bunnies we must find a good home for. We must go back to the US for 6 or 7 months.

Their names are Daisy (solid white) and Fluffy. They are both girls, one year old.

We have had them for 10 months.bunnies

Fluffy is very friendly and easy to hold and pet. Daisy is a bit more shy.

They don’t bite.

They have all of their shots and are in good health. They have an area of

1 meter and 50 to run and play, and the cage stays open and contains the food and litter and shelter from rain. They live on our terrace, so outdoors year round is fine for them.

Their food and supplies cost about 100 euros per month. We also give them fresh green leaves twice daily.

We will give the cage and any supplies we have left to the new owners. they are a great pets for any age. They are available now for adoption.

If you are interested in meeting them, please call Suzanne at 626921562.

Thank you!


We hope that one of you will be able to enjoy these pets!

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