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October 31, 2014

This exhibition offers art enthusiasts and general public an original appraisal of the Art  Nouveau style and its relation to artnouveaunature. This is a free show, presented in Catalan and English.

  • Eye of an Eraexamines the artists’ fascination for nature, with scientific discoveries in the spheres of botany, zoology and oceanography, as well as developing evolutionary theory, and technical inventions such as the microscope, photography and film.
  • Nature’s Studioshows artistic experiments using natural and artificial materials as well as fresh techniques for creating new forms inspired by nature: lines, ornaments and structures, motifs and symbols.
  • The final section,Artificial landscapes, illustrates Art Nouveau interpretations of the seasons and natural elements: spring, earth, water, air, light, fire.

Each city brings its own vision to the exhibition, complementing it by presenting local works.

Date: until 6th of January, 2015                      

Time: Tuesday to Sundays from 10am – 8.30pm

Place: Disseny Hub Barcelona (Pl. de les Glories Catalanes, 37-38)

Price: free

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