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January 8, 2015

The figures that can be seen during the Chinese Lanterns Festival being held at the Fòrum measure between one and six metres in height and have been meticulously designed and hand made by some twenty Chinese artists from Zi Gong (Sichuan province in China).

The entire exhibition was put together in China and all the figures were shipped over to Barcelona. The exhibition takes up an area of 9,000 square metres in the Fòrum Park. The lanterns are built from metal structures and covered with multi-coloured Chinese silk. They have energy-saving LED bulbs inside.

Chinese Lantern Festival, an attractive tour which will see the traditional Chinese lanterns beautifully designedfanals and meticulously prepared. The shows have a long tradition of lamps in China. In this country, one of the major parties is precisely the Lantern Festival, which is the culmination of the celebration of Chinese New Year (lunar calendar) and Moon Festival. Switching on and see the lights is the main activity of the Lantern Festival, which dates back to the reign of Emperor Han Ming Di (28-75 AD). According to legend, the Emperor was a follower of Buddhism, and right during his reign, one of the most important religious men of the time, Cai Yin, returned from India with Buddhist scriptures and doctrines. Cai Yin inform your Majesty that Han Ming Tell the fifteenth day of the first month of each year, India held a celebration to worship Buddha. Upon learning this, the Emperor asked this exact day, turned on all the flashlights in the palaces and temples to show respect to Buddha, following the Indian festival. Over time, this practice was adopted by the people, this being the origin of the Lantern Festival in China.

Date: Until 16th of March, 2015

Place: Esplanada del Fórum, Pl. Forum, 1, Barcelona

Time: Everyday from 18:00 – 00:00h

Price: General admission: Adults 15€, students and pensioners 10€

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