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February 26, 2015

monaThe Mona Foundation is a non-profit entity registered at the Justice Department of Generalitat de Catalunya. It’s purpose is to save wild primates that have been illegally captured and are being used for commercial and personal purposes under bad living conditions. The foundation has established a centre for the recovery of primates near Girona surrounded by nature which serves as a home for rescued primates and a place to understand and respect wild animals and the fact that they must live in their natural habitat.

The principal purpose of the Mona Foundation is to achieve and improve the wellbeing of primates. To achieve this goal, a team of professionals and volunteers work together every day on numerous activities, providing stability and care where it clearly is lacking.

Many people feel attracted to these animals. You now have the possibility of visiting the primate “cousins”, very close to home, and enjoy a small group guided visits.

During two hours, an experienced MONA caretaker accompanies visitors on an educational visit. The intention is to show the public the work carried out in this rescue centre and the reasons why it is done. First you may see photos and videos where you will understand from where and why these animals had to be rescued. Then, the caretaker takes you on a tour of different species and the facilities: the outdoor 5,600 m2 chimpanzee facility, the association cages, and various macaques’ facilities.

In this manner, you can personally meet the animals, become acquainted with their particular stories, and learn about the characteristics of these species and their habits, everyday life in MONA, and their present situation in Nature.

Place: FUNDACIÓ MONA, Carretera de la Selva, km 4, Riudellots de la Selva (10km from Girona)

Time: It is necessary to request a date and time for a visit at 972 477 618. Generally schedules are: July and August: visits from Monday to Sunday, morning or afternoon, in Catalan, Spanish, English or French; Other months: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays visits in Catalan or Spanish, weekdays: in English or French

How to get there: By car: take AP-7, exit 8 or take N-II. By train: the stop is called Riudellots and it’s only 15 minutes by foot to the centre.

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