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March 26, 2015

Sant Jordi’s (or St. George’s) day in Barcelona and Catalonia is celebrated every year on April 23rd to commemorate the day Sant Jordi died (April 23rd on the year 303 AD).
SANT JORDI'S DAYSant Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia and St. Jordi’s day celebrations take inspiration from the famous legend of Saint George and the dragon. Sant Jordi is the most romantic day of the year in Barcelona and also called “El día de los enamorados” which means “Lovers Day”. April 23rd is not a public holiday, just a very special day when Barcelona, and especially on the famous walking street Las Ramblas is converted in the world biggest flower and book market.

The Sant Jordi’s tradition is that men give to their special women a long stemmed rose and that women give to their special men a book- by ‘special’ we mean a relative, a friend, a work colleague or your loved one.

The book tradition has nothing to do with Sant Jordi, but is a tribute to Miguel de Cervantes, the Spanish novelist, who died on April 23rd in 1616. Be prepared for high rose prices on St. Jordi’s day ranging from 3 to over 10 Euros for a single long stemmed rose. In recent years other colors of roses have appeared on Sant Jordi’s day. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship. A white rose means innocence. An orange rose symbolizes passion and desire and a pink rose means happiness. Red with white roses means togetherness. A single rose means simplicity and bright red roses stand for beauty within.

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