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April 30, 2015

The Primavera Sound festival was held the first time in Barcelona in 2001 and has established itself as a global reference model for urban festival. The musical selection offers pop, rock and dance music with underground trends and the spectators of different generations can fully enjoy the experience of live music. In addition to its outdoor festivals, Primavera Sound organizes other events like Primavera Club and PrimaveraPro, and has also started to organize outside of Barcelona festivals in other cities.

The Primavera Sound starts this year with The Strokes, who released their first album (“Is This It”) the same year when the Primavera Sound organized its first festival. “Is This It” brought the garage rock back on the front pages of music magazines and paved the way for other bands who followed this trend on both sides of the Atlantic.

Do not miss it and get your passes for the Primavera Sound 2015 Barcelona before they are sold out.


Place: Parque del Fòrum.

Date: 28TH, 29TH and 30TH or May

Price: 185€ for 3 days

Tickets in advance:

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