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April 30, 2015

The most important outdoor market of Barcelona. The “Encants” is an outdoor market. Not long ago the market was situated under the clear sky; today the ‘Encants’ are protected by a vanguard structure. In this flea market, the modern and old are united in harmony.encantes

 And what can be found in the Encants? Almost everything: used and new furniture, antiques, clothing, books, stickers, collectors’ items, electrical equipment, machinery, appliances, textiles, decorative products, almost anything you can imagine. Now the market is organized over various levels, and on the different levels you will find more or less large stalls which are more or less well organized. On the upper level there are some food stalls, and on the lowest all is exposed on the floor in total anarchy. A vinyl, a VHS video between rests of a lamp of the last century, fabrics, boxes…

Days and time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: from 9am to 8pm.

Place: Plaça de Les Glories, Barcelona

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