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May 25, 2015

Sant Joan festival in Spain marks the start of the summer. This is the midsummer solstice celebration, which is the day that has the longest period of daylight in the year. The Nit de Sant Joan celebrations in Spain and Barcelona are in the evening on 23rd June. The next day is 24th June, which is Saint John’s day and this is a public holiday in Catalonia and Spain. The Sant Joan festivals and fiestas are from sunset on 23/6 to sunrise on 24/6 on the eve of Saint John’s day.sant joan

‘La Nit de Sant Joan’ is a very festive, fiery and fun night. There is no central fireworks display or specific programme for the Sant Joan celebrations in Barcelona. Sant Joan events in Barcelona are organised locally by the districts and civic centres of Barcelona and people just celebrate the evening with dinners, parties, firecrackers (not so much fireworks) and bonfires all over Barcelona and Catalunya. The biggest central gathering on the Nit de Sant Joan is on the beaches of Barcelona, which attract crowds of around 75.000 people. The day after the Nit de Sant Joan is a public holiday, so the party goes on until sunrise and all the clubs and bars in the city organise Sant Joan parties.

Place: All over the city and the beaches of Barcelona.

Date: Night of 23th of June

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