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June 23, 2015

The planetary reborn become a multipurpose facility! Preserving the essence as planetarium, science allows projections of different subjects using the facility as immersive cinema. The new facility, characterized by great realism and spectacle, enables the projection of images in 3D. The native 3D system generates images directly without previous close.


The stereoscopic 3D effect is achieved by projecting two images simultaneously, unadjusted each other and slightly different colors, using two independent projection channels (right and left). Special glasses with two interference filters, one for each eye, filter the wavelengths corresponding to the colors of one of the images and reveals the other. The end result is a vision in relief and true color, because the brain is not able to detect the small difference in coloring between the image captured by the left eye and the right eye captures. The new projection system allows the entire video projection dome. The projection images completely envelop the viewer making you feel immersed in the action.

Behold the universe as never before you had made!

Place: COSMOCAIXA. Carrer Isaac Newton 26, Barcelona.

Price: 4€ entrance + 4 € shows (auditions also in English and French)

Time: Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm.

More info & tickets:

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