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GOD SAVE THE QUEEN “Symphonic Queen”

September 29, 2015


The band, known all over the world as ‘the best QUEEN since QUEEN’, is pleased to announce its 2015 Spain tour: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. This show with all of QUEEN’s greatest hits performed by the best, led by Pablo Padin, world-renowned Freddie Mercury clone, not just for his looks, but for his voice and instrumental ability as well. The 24 songs comprising the show faithfully re-enact the British band’s original staging.

QUEEN SYMPHONY: A rock concert of all of Queen’s hits accompanied by a symphonic orchestra and choir, with over 70 people on stage and the sublime performance of classic songs like ‘Barcelona’ for the first time in Spain.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN keeps alive the legend of one of the biggest groups in contemporary music history.

Place: Palau Sant Jordi. Montjuich Mountain, Barcelona.

Time: 3rd of October at 9:30pm

Price: From 30€


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