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THE SANCTUARY OF MONTSERRAT. A beautiful excursion!

September 29, 2015

The Sanctuary of Montserrat hides nested in the heart of the most emblematic mountain of Catalonia, in the middle of a unique and spectacular landscape and just 60 kilometers (32 miles) from Barcelona. The existing devotion for Virgin of Montserrat, together with the singularity of the surrounding area and the cultural importance of the monastery makes Montserrat a different place.

4A characteristic that makes this Marian destination different is the fact that Montserrat is not only a sanctuary, but a monastery and a mountain. The main sacred destination in Catalonia. It has always been a well recognized and appreciated place due to many and various reasons. Not in vane, it receives more than two million visitors each year. Daily, pilgrims and faithful from everywhere arrive to worship Our Lady, popularly known as “La Morerenta” (The little dark-skinned one). An important contribution to this recognition must be given to the Benedictine monks who live in the monastery. They are the ones taking care of the image of the Virgin, providing assistance to the pilgrims, besides keeping and preserving the Catalonian art and culture.

This popularity and diversity that Montserrat projects to the outside makes people come due to various reasons and motivations: venerate the image of the Virgin, enjoy nature and the landscape, admire the artistic patrimony or just as a simple tourist visit. This is why Montserrat is not only a place conceived for and to pilgrims. On the contrary, it was conceived for everyone wanting to visit it.

The site is a true wonder: a big room where the visitor can enjoy the basilica, the place where the Holly Image is kept, a natural park, a monastery, the kids choir and the museum.

Place: Montserrat mountain

Time: Every day of the year

Price: free access

How to get there:

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