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FAIR SANTA LLUCIA (Christmas market)

November 27, 2015


The Fira de Santa Lucia begins in late November or early December, with more than 270 stalls arranged according to items sold by sectors (nativity scenes and figures, green, and crafts) and located in front of the PLA Headquarters, Avenida de the cathedral. Barkers will offer, as for so many decades, all the products you need to decorate your home for Christmas, and I will with warmth to visit the fair as often as you like with the same enthusiasm and desire that they are there for you. The cold since Christmas is coming and with it, so you start and wrap up soon.

Fair stalls are divided into four sectors craft:

  • Nativity scenes and figures, which offer mainly: Landscape crib accessories, caves, figures, Christmas lights, balls, candles and Christmas decorations for the home, and cribs trees.
  • Green and vegetation, where you can find natural or artificial trees, moss, guys of all sizes, cork pilgrim bunch of luck, eucalyptus branches and the like.
  • Crafts, where you’ll find all kinds of handmade products and accessories as clothing, jewelry, decorative items and gifts and many others.
  • Zambomba, which will offer, in addition to the traditional instrument, tambourines and many other tools to give a musical touch to your Christmas.

Place: AROUND THE CATHEDRAL OF BARCELONA Time: Begins in late November or early December. Hours: From 10.30am to 8.30pm / Holidays and eves: from 10.30am to 9.30pm



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