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SANTA LLUCIA FAIR (Christmas Market)

December 1, 2016


The Fira de Santa Lucia begins late November with more than 270 stalls arranged according to items sold by sectors (nativity scenes and figures, green and crafts) and located in front of the Cathedral. Craftsman will offer, as for so many decades, all the products you need to decorate your home for Christmas.

The fair also offers activities like Folk Dances:

December 3rd:

12pm: Performance of t Bastoners Raval, which wil host the musical group Almanzyood Alharbia from the UAE.

12:15pm: folk dance traditions of the UAE, by the Almanzyood Alharbia group, founded in 2000 by the poet Said Almazyood and co-founded by Mohamed Al Amir, who are visiting our city in the occasion of 45th anniversary of the foundation of their country. Considered the most typical dance of this country, the dance is called Alrazfa Alharbia.

And of Christmas Traditions and Customs with the program as follows:

December 17th:

10:30am: Performance by the dancers of the group called ‘Esbart Catalá de Dansaires’.

10:45am: Start of the parade of the traditional ‘Carassa de nadal de Barcelona’ accompanied by the ‘Grallers La pessigolla’, throwing sweets to the public.

11:30am: Christmas puppets: ‘Christmas of Hansel & Gretel’ by the company Titelles Sebastià Vergés (in catalán).

12:15pm: Presentation of the award of ‘Firaire d’honor’ for the journalist Patricia Gabancho.

12:30pm: Performance by the Scandinavian choir Stella I Polarna, Tradition of Saint Lucy.

13:00pm: Children’s entertainment by Jaume Barri.

From 16:30pm to 19:30pm: Traditional Tió figure.


Information about the SANTA LLUCIA FAIR:
Place: around the Cathedral of Barcelona at Pla de la Seu square.
Time: From November 25th until December 23rd

Hours: From 10.30am to 8.30pm / Holidays and WE’s: from 10.30am to 9.30pm

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