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January 24, 2017

The exhibition “Art and cinema. 120 years of trade” talks mainly on debt cinema with art-and-cinema-120-years-of-tradeother arts and, inversely, that meant about cinema as an inspiration for all of them. This double movement articulates precisely this speech sample from a selection of works from the collections of the Cinémathèque francaise, characterized by its exceptional diversity, which will guide and select themes and works. Another objective of the exhibition is to show the innovative role of cinema to other arts, but also as a real driver of innovation.

Organized in collaboration with La Cinémathèque Française, this exhibition offers 349 pieces by a hundred artists. The display talk about the debt film has with the rest of the arts and, conversely, how film has been a source of inspiration for all visual arts.

The public will be able to discover associations in works by artists such as Luis Buñuel, Marc Chagall, Charles Chaplin, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dalí, Marcel Duchamp, Serguei M. Eisenstein, Max Ernst, Henri Foucault, Jean-Luc Godard and Alfred Hitchcock.
Place: CaixaForum Centre Social i Cultural (Av. Francesc Ferrer Guàrdia, 6, 08038, Barcelona)
Price: General Admissions 4€, children under 16 – free, clients of la Caixa – free

Timetable: Everyday:  10am – 8pm

Time: Until 23rd of March, 2017

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