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November 28, 2017

The exhibition “Oceans”, the last wild territory’ invites you to take a visual journey through the seabed from a selection of 480 hours of unpublished images of the documentary Oceans, the largest ever filmed testimony about seabed. One of the attractions of the exhibition is a large curved screen that multiplies the effect and allows immersive doubly enjoy this unique opportunity to plunge into the oceans of five continents. The tour also includes a circuit of 14 high-definition big screens, mirrors marine animals scale or stereoscopic 3D images to be seen with special glasses. Rounding out the show with interactive devices and basic information about the oceans and an area for children’s activities and a “photocall”.

oceansThe support audiovisual exhibition of the documentary Oceans won the César for best documentary in 2011. It required seven years of work, 75 exhibition, the participation of 500 people and 50 million euros. Directed by Jacques Perrin and Jasques Cluzaud (nominated for the Oscar for best documentary Nomads of the Wind 2003), Oceans opened new perspectives on knowledge of life in the oceans. It was developed specifically for the project, innovative firm technology that made it possible to keep the camera at the same speed marine species such as dolphins and tuna; reach depths where man had never been before and discovering new species.

This exhibition, the purpose of which is to arouse emotions and consciousness, adapts the format of narrative in which the viewer is the one who is moving. “Oceans more unknown lunar surface, Earth is the only country that has no physical boundaries. Animals can be moved freely as they did before and the continent: it is the last wild territory” said Òscar Vega, curator of the exhibition.


Date: Until 14th of September 2018 (Tuesday to Friday: from 10 am to 6 pm,  Saturdays: from 10 am to 7 pm, Sundays: from 10 am to 8 pm)

Price:  General admission 6,05 €, children under 16 years – free admission.         

Address: Museum of Natural Sciences – Blue Museum (Pl. Leonardo Da Vinci, 4, 08019, Barcelona)

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