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January 30, 2018

“Carnival fifteen laps and Christmas was every month that every day was Easter and Lent never came”. The popular wisdom makes it very clear that carnival is one of the most ingrained festivals of the calendar. In the case of Barcelona, it is one of those that gets most people’s involvement. That is why every year, for a week, the city transforms itself with snacks in which the egg yolks, masquerade balls, roots and burials of the sardine predominate. But there is no carnival without a monarch and King Carnestoltes will arrive at the center of the city on February 8th, the day of Fat Thursday, to proclaim his reign of disgrace.

carnaval 2018

The party has changed a lot in the city since the first documented reference to Carnival: a provision of the Council of Hundred of 1333 that prohibited the launching of oranges and regulated the use of masks. Now, the desire to have fun and disgrace remain intact 685 years later. The 21st century carnival in Barcelona is, above all, participatory. It also implies a degree of transgression and, therefore, constitutes a spontaneous exercise of individual and collective freedom.

Massive roles, carnival dances, trout contests, collective meals, costume contests, sardine burials, ballot readings … For carnival, it’s all worth it! And in the city a lot of diverse activities are carried out, which include children’s activities, masks workshops, make-up courses and also exhibitions and talks about the carnival cycle.

When: 8th – 14th of February

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