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January 30, 2018

It’s the exhibition of photographs and documents attesting to the research work carried out by Josep Palau i Fabre on Pablo Picasso and revealing the friendship between poet and artist.

picaso palauJosep Palau i Fabre (1917-2008) liked to say that the bibliography on Pablo Picasso was as extensive as the one that had been written about the Renaissance. However, the Catalan poet, who this year celebrates the centenary of his birth, omitted with caution that he had been one of the fundamental pieces in the study and dissemination of the life and work of the Malagan genius.

Palau made his own human and literary experience revolving around the painter, devoting efforts and sacrifices. As a result of all this is a considerable number of essays that study in detail different facets of Picasso, as well as the construction of a file enriched by the personal contact with the painter.

This exhibition is an open door to this knowledge and to learn to look with the poet’s eyes the paintings of who wanted to be with the brush. A dialogue enriched with the photographs that Palau captured from Picasso and his human geography.

Place: Diputación de Barcelona, Can Serra (Rambla Catalunya, 126, Barcelona)

Price: free entrance

Timetable: Monday to Saturday:  10am – 8pm

Time: Until April  5th, 2018

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