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April 20, 2018

The Day of Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia, is a celebration that over the years has taken on a vindictive tone of Catalan culture. For that reason, many balconies of the city are adorned with the “senyera”(catalan flag), as it happens in other dates indicated in all the country. The central elements of the celebration are culture and love .Represented with the book and the rose, and in Barcelona the main meeting point is located in La Rambla, which is filled to overflowing with booksellers and florists.

sant-jordi-day-barcelonaBy Sant Jordi is common to find books in all the languages ​​spoken in Catalonia, but there are many specialized posts in the book in Catalan, because it is considered a day of promotion and defense of Catalan culture and language.


The festival of Sant Jordi is celebrated throughout the country on April 23, the day on which the knight Jordi died. The saint, who was under the orders of Emperor Diocletian, refused to follow the order to persecute Christians, so he was martyred and beheaded. Very soon they began to venerate him as a martyr and immediately appeared fantastic stories linked to his figure.

The cult of Sant Jordi was extended fully to all the Catalan Countries, during the Middle Ages, although in the 8th century this devotion already existed. And since 1456 it is the official patron of Catalonia.

Although the party was celebrated with more or less intensity or less since the 16th century, it was at the end of the 19th century, with the political and cultural movement of the Renaixença, when Sant Jordi was established as the most celebrated patriotic, civic and cultural festivity in Barcelona and in Catalonia.


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