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February 5, 2019

We live in such a strange age, caught up in accelerated times and a multiplied space that no longer seems human, saturated with images, events, and data: our hyperactive senses cannot cope with so much information. Dance must prevail; we need the body, a human here and now, natural high technology to cope with a reality that threatens to overwhelm us.

This year the dance presents unbounded, going beyond bodies, formats, disciplines, spaces, times, audiences and ideas. And in this breaking of boundaries and breaking of new ground, in this overflow, it blurs its limits by creating and making visible unexpected territories, undisciplined voices, surprising dialogues and indeterminate frameworks that are not easily catalogued, showing the infinite possibilities that creation has of capturing and transforming reality, inventing futures, sensing paths, projecting desires.

In February there are several options of the shows to see:

  • February 21 to 24th Batsheva Dance Company, Sala Mac, 8pm

In Venezuela Naharin and the dancers explore dialogue as well as conflict between movement and the content it represents. Many questions and a few answers arise about the choices the choreographer has. Naharin attempts to include the audience in this freedom of choice along with its endless scope of possibilities, while making a critical comment about all of us. “Venezuela, with its wonderful dancers, is a fascinating and multifaceted piece that contains a surprise that remains with the viewer long after leaving the theater“. (Yael Efrati, Timeout, May 2017)

  • February 16 and 17th, Christian Rizzo / Ici –Cnn Montpellier, Sala Mac, 6pm

rizzoThis tale captures the evolution of three creatures, and sees dance and objects converse with light and sound while a dreamy space unfolds where each of the three protagonists invites the other two into their own particular world. After working with various choreographers, Christian Rizzo founded his company L’association fragile in 1996; to date he’s created over 30 pieces with it. In 2015, he was named director of the Centre Chorégraphique National Montpellier.

  • February 23 and 24th GN / MC / Guy Nader / Maria Campos, Sala PB, 23rd 6pm, 24th

tarannaTarannà is a solo work around the concept of “transformation” through the object, space and body. The yellowish jute fabric resembles silk cocoon which holds one of the most dramatic moments of metamorphosis. The transformation is seen as a drastic but subtle process, leading from one state into another and it is throughout this process of reorganization and deformation that culminates in the formation of the imago. It’s a game and a series of images where you are invited to follow the thread of magic and let go your imagination.

Where: Mercat de les Flors / Barcelona Dance House (c. Lleida, 59, Barcelona)

Tickets and more information:

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