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February 25, 2019

You can’t miss the Vincent Van Gogh Experience exhibition starting Thursday, Marchvan gogh 14th, 2019 at Pla de Miquel Tarradel in Port Vell, Barcelona, ​​from 10:00 am. The Vincent Van Gogh Experience, the first official exhibition created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum, arrives in Barcelona from March 14th to June 2nd, 2019. It attends the European premiere of a contemporary and fully interactive experience, which aims to make known the life and work of the artist.

This temporary experience, designed for the whole family, does not exhibit the artist’s original works, as they are too fragile for his transfer. Instead, the true story about Van Gogh comes to life thanks to the best audiovisual techniques. You can enjoy multisensory scenes, sets that recreate the works of the painter, intriguing narrations, and you can also see the details of his paintings through a special microscope. The visitor can touch with their own hands the reproductions of the original works of art, the stroke of the brushstrokes, and contemplate through real-time projections, photographs, video fragments, detailed reproductions, interactive multimedia animations and applications, theatrical sets, audio-visual fragments and quotes extracted from more than 800 letters.

During the tour, supported by an audio guide, numerous characters will come to life. Since the visit begins, you will be surrounded by a sea of lights and colors that will make you believe that you are part of the painting and you are not a mere spectator. The objective of the work is that you can enjoy a multisensory experience that allows you to interact with it.

Date: From 14/03/2019 to 02/06/2019     Place: Pla de Miquel Tarradel in Port Vell

Price: 9€                                                  


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