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February 25, 2019

Do not miss the Crystal Fighters concert in Barcelona, next Wednesday March 13th, 2019 in the Hivernacle Room – Poble Español. Since their songs began to be heard in 2010, the mix of genres offered did not attract attention just because it was genuinely new, also because in its live version it added an extra euphoria and passion with a marked festive component that without doubt “hooked”. With clear reminiscences of Spanish house, drum’n’bass, 80s punk or experimental electronic music, and playing continuously with a rain of rhythms, the band formed between London and the Basque Country uses both electronic guitars and acoustic instruments such as synthesizers, percussion or instruments of Basque folkloric tradition.

cristal fightersTheir first singles had an overwhelming success that was later confirmed with their first long work, Star of Love, but above all with Cave Rave (2013), which that amazing electronic pop style and was able to exponentially multiply the popularity of the group. Later would come Everything is my Family, which brought a more commercial tone to their previous work, and now they present Hypnotic Sun, a jewel that transmits the best vibrations from the first theme to the last. And, as they claim, Crystal Fighters learns from the most ancient traditions of humanity to make music with a view to the future.

The awaited concert of Crystal Fighters in Barcelona is coming!

Date: March 13th from 9:30pm                            

Place: Poble Español

Price: 35€                                                  


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