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Rally BCN – Sitges 2019 BARCELONA

February 25, 2019

The Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally has already completed the main details of its 61st edition, which will take place from March 16th to 18th, 2019.

rallyOn the occasion of the celebration of 100 years of Citroën has been chosen a Type A, first car manufactured by the signature of the two chevrons, as inspiration for the design of the official poster of the test. A perfectly restored unit of this model can be seen in the car exhibition of C.C. L’illa Diagonal (from February 25th to March 16th) and will be responsible for opening the Rally this year.

On Saturday 16, the technical verifications will take place, prior to the Rally the following day. The participants will be concentrated in the Plaza de Sant Jaume in Barcelona on Sunday, March 17 in the morning and will leave in the direction of Sitges at 10:30am.

The first edition of the Rally was held on February 8, 1959, with a score of vintage cars that left from the Plaza Sant Jaume surrounded by a large crowd of visitors.

The caravan already took, at that time, the only road that linked Barcelona with Sitges, the well-known ‘Carretera de las Costas’ of Garraf. From the beginning, the organization made it a condition that the participants were dressed according to the time of manufacture of their vehicle. The reason for this condition is that the Rally was part of the Sitges Winter Festival; Carnival was also held at that time favored that this premise was accepted with enthusiasm.

In the beginning, the Rally was proposed as a regular sporting event, in which the vehicles had to maintain the same speed of descent of the Coasts as of ascent. This “sportsmanship” was regulated under the regulations of the FIA.

When arriving at Sitges, the caravan of cars paraded by the walk of the promenade until arriving at the “Fragata” where, in the same way as it is done at present, they were received by the authorities and later they parked so that the pubic one could admire them. The good general reception encouraged the organizers to repeat the event in the following years, during which they finished giving shape to the Rally as we know it today.

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