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February 25, 2019

Do not miss the Crystal Fighters concert in Barcelona, next Wednesday March 13th, 2019 in the Hivernacle Room – Poble Español. Since their songs began to be heard in 2010, the mix of genres offered did not attract attention just because it was genuinely new, also because in its live version it added an extra euphoria and passion with a marked festive component that without doubt “hooked”. With clear reminiscences of Spanish house, drum’n’bass, 80s punk or experimental electronic music, and playing continuously with a rain of rhythms, the band formed between London and the Basque Country uses both electronic guitars and acoustic instruments such as synthesizers, percussion or instruments of Basque folkloric tradition.

cristal fightersTheir first singles had an overwhelming success that was later confirmed with their first long work, Star of Love, but above all with Cave Rave (2013), which that amazing electronic pop style and was able to exponentially multiply the popularity of the group. Later would come Everything is my Family, which brought a more commercial tone to their previous work, and now they present Hypnotic Sun, a jewel that transmits the best vibrations from the first theme to the last. And, as they claim, Crystal Fighters learns from the most ancient traditions of humanity to make music with a view to the future.

The awaited concert of Crystal Fighters in Barcelona is coming!

Date: March 13th from 9:30pm                            

Place: Poble Español

Price: 35€                                                  



February 25, 2019

Gran Gala Flamenco makes the viewer travel through the heart of the deepest Flamenco. Let yourself be captivated by all the intensity and passion of the gypsy people and enjoy the perfect union of strength, music, soul, dance and get excited with the most touching rhythms of Flamenco, interpreted by the new generation of Catalan artists.

flamenco galaGran Gala Flamenco has the musical direction of Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, one of the most important guitarists of contemporary flamenco and one of the most prolific and interesting composers of the last generations of Spanish artists. The Teatre Poliorama was inaugurated in 1906; it was built inside the building of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona. Located in the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, one of the most famous and visited streets in the world, the Teatre Poliorama always played a prominent role in Catalan cultural life.

Date: From 08/03/2019 to 30/08/2019     

Place: Poliorama Theater

Price: 35€                                                  



February 25, 2019

You can’t miss the Vincent Van Gogh Experience exhibition starting Thursday, Marchvan gogh 14th, 2019 at Pla de Miquel Tarradel in Port Vell, Barcelona, ​​from 10:00 am. The Vincent Van Gogh Experience, the first official exhibition created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum, arrives in Barcelona from March 14th to June 2nd, 2019. It attends the European premiere of a contemporary and fully interactive experience, which aims to make known the life and work of the artist.

This temporary experience, designed for the whole family, does not exhibit the artist’s original works, as they are too fragile for his transfer. Instead, the true story about Van Gogh comes to life thanks to the best audiovisual techniques. You can enjoy multisensory scenes, sets that recreate the works of the painter, intriguing narrations, and you can also see the details of his paintings through a special microscope. The visitor can touch with their own hands the reproductions of the original works of art, the stroke of the brushstrokes, and contemplate through real-time projections, photographs, video fragments, detailed reproductions, interactive multimedia animations and applications, theatrical sets, audio-visual fragments and quotes extracted from more than 800 letters.

During the tour, supported by an audio guide, numerous characters will come to life. Since the visit begins, you will be surrounded by a sea of lights and colors that will make you believe that you are part of the painting and you are not a mere spectator. The objective of the work is that you can enjoy a multisensory experience that allows you to interact with it.

Date: From 14/03/2019 to 02/06/2019     Place: Pla de Miquel Tarradel in Port Vell

Price: 9€                                                  


Rally BCN – Sitges 2019 BARCELONA

February 25, 2019

The Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally has already completed the main details of its 61st edition, which will take place from March 16th to 18th, 2019.

rallyOn the occasion of the celebration of 100 years of Citroën has been chosen a Type A, first car manufactured by the signature of the two chevrons, as inspiration for the design of the official poster of the test. A perfectly restored unit of this model can be seen in the car exhibition of C.C. L’illa Diagonal (from February 25th to March 16th) and will be responsible for opening the Rally this year.

On Saturday 16, the technical verifications will take place, prior to the Rally the following day. The participants will be concentrated in the Plaza de Sant Jaume in Barcelona on Sunday, March 17 in the morning and will leave in the direction of Sitges at 10:30am.

The first edition of the Rally was held on February 8, 1959, with a score of vintage cars that left from the Plaza Sant Jaume surrounded by a large crowd of visitors.

The caravan already took, at that time, the only road that linked Barcelona with Sitges, the well-known ‘Carretera de las Costas’ of Garraf. From the beginning, the organization made it a condition that the participants were dressed according to the time of manufacture of their vehicle. The reason for this condition is that the Rally was part of the Sitges Winter Festival; Carnival was also held at that time favored that this premise was accepted with enthusiasm.

In the beginning, the Rally was proposed as a regular sporting event, in which the vehicles had to maintain the same speed of descent of the Coasts as of ascent. This “sportsmanship” was regulated under the regulations of the FIA.

When arriving at Sitges, the caravan of cars paraded by the walk of the promenade until arriving at the “Fragata” where, in the same way as it is done at present, they were received by the authorities and later they parked so that the pubic one could admire them. The good general reception encouraged the organizers to repeat the event in the following years, during which they finished giving shape to the Rally as we know it today.


February 5, 2019

We live in such a strange age, caught up in accelerated times and a multiplied space that no longer seems human, saturated with images, events, and data: our hyperactive senses cannot cope with so much information. Dance must prevail; we need the body, a human here and now, natural high technology to cope with a reality that threatens to overwhelm us.

This year the dance presents unbounded, going beyond bodies, formats, disciplines, spaces, times, audiences and ideas. And in this breaking of boundaries and breaking of new ground, in this overflow, it blurs its limits by creating and making visible unexpected territories, undisciplined voices, surprising dialogues and indeterminate frameworks that are not easily catalogued, showing the infinite possibilities that creation has of capturing and transforming reality, inventing futures, sensing paths, projecting desires.

In February there are several options of the shows to see:

  • February 21 to 24th Batsheva Dance Company, Sala Mac, 8pm

In Venezuela Naharin and the dancers explore dialogue as well as conflict between movement and the content it represents. Many questions and a few answers arise about the choices the choreographer has. Naharin attempts to include the audience in this freedom of choice along with its endless scope of possibilities, while making a critical comment about all of us. “Venezuela, with its wonderful dancers, is a fascinating and multifaceted piece that contains a surprise that remains with the viewer long after leaving the theater“. (Yael Efrati, Timeout, May 2017)

  • February 16 and 17th, Christian Rizzo / Ici –Cnn Montpellier, Sala Mac, 6pm

rizzoThis tale captures the evolution of three creatures, and sees dance and objects converse with light and sound while a dreamy space unfolds where each of the three protagonists invites the other two into their own particular world. After working with various choreographers, Christian Rizzo founded his company L’association fragile in 1996; to date he’s created over 30 pieces with it. In 2015, he was named director of the Centre Chorégraphique National Montpellier.

  • February 23 and 24th GN / MC / Guy Nader / Maria Campos, Sala PB, 23rd 6pm, 24th

tarannaTarannà is a solo work around the concept of “transformation” through the object, space and body. The yellowish jute fabric resembles silk cocoon which holds one of the most dramatic moments of metamorphosis. The transformation is seen as a drastic but subtle process, leading from one state into another and it is throughout this process of reorganization and deformation that culminates in the formation of the imago. It’s a game and a series of images where you are invited to follow the thread of magic and let go your imagination.

Where: Mercat de les Flors / Barcelona Dance House (c. Lleida, 59, Barcelona)

Tickets and more information:


February 5, 2019

“Tintín and the Moon” is an exhibition organized by the Obra Social “la Caixa” to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of humans to the moon. On 21st of July 1969, he first came to the moon aboard the ship Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong took the first step on the lunar surface and gave a historical statement: “It is a small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” The event was received at the control centre in Houston and broadcast worldwide.

tintinSome years ago, however, Tintin had gone ahead in the world of science fiction from the hand of its author, Hergé, with two titles mythical Objective: the Moon and Explorers on the Moon, which saw the light in shaped magazine Tintin periodical instalments between 30th of March 1950 and 30th of December 1953.

Often science fiction and reality are related in different periods of history. Tintín and the Moon exhibition aims to disseminate and document the Apollo 11 project, for how was the before, during and after the arrival to the moon; present scientific studies and technological achievements that made this feat possible, and display objects, interactive experiences and explain how the trip was and what progress meant for mankind. The exhibition will allow visitors to make a journey since Galileo first observed the moon until finally we humans are to leave our mark. It was a key moment in the history of the conquest of space that allowed having another vision of the Earth and space.

Where: Cosmocaixa – c. Isaak Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona

When: until May 26th

Timetable: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm

Tickets: General admission: 2,50€, children under 14 years old: free, clients of BankCaixa: free


February 5, 2019

Independent designers and young talents return to the catwalk.

Independent designers and young talents from the Catalan fashion world will be presenting their collections at the show, which aims to consolidate Catalonia as leading location for fashion design, boosting its international profile and helping attract textile production to Catalonia.

080The last edition, held in June last year, brought together nearly 31,000 people and over 1,200 communication professionals.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion presents 24 designers and brands for its upcoming 23rd edition that will take place from the 4th to the 7 of February at the Sant Pau Modernist Complex, home to the catwalk in its last editions.

In addition, a programme of parallel activities will run along the fashion shows to open the event not only to the professional public and fashion students but also to a broader audience and contribute to establishing Catalonia as a reference in the production and projection of fashion design.

These are the 24 brands and designers that will take part in the 080 Barcelona Fashion 23rd edition: 113 MAISON; AGNÈS SUNYER; Antonio Miro; Aubergin; BRAIN&BEAST; Custo Barcelona; Escorpion Studio Barcelona; Jnorig; Killing Weekend; Lebor Gabala; Little Creative Factory; Maite by Lola Casademunt; Mans Concept Menswear; Menchén Tomàs; Míriam Ponsa; NAULOVER; Oscarleon; Pablo Erroz; Rubés Galarreta; Sita Murt; Teoh & Lea; Txell Miras; Ze García; and Z1.

More info: